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Call us on: 01722 340 882

Find your nearest location

You can see the furniture for yourself at various locations around the country or at the shows we attend over the spring and summer. We recommend a visit to our Salisbury showroom if you can: we also have various display sites where you can go and enjoy these chairs at your leisure in an attractive setting.


      Fair Trade Furniture - Showroom in Salisbury

      You can see the whole collection in our Salisbury showroom – make a day of it, and we will point you in the direction of the beauties and secret corners of Salisbury. Click here for contact details

      Trade shows

      Fairtrade Furniture display stand at a show

      Enjoy a day-out at one of the 15 or more shows we exhibit at during the spring and summer. Be it home interiors, gardening, horse events, or countryside shows we think you will find something to appeal.

      Retail Partners

      Semarang Range on display in a summer house with retail partner

      We have retail partners in the South West and the Midlands, and other display partners in various parts of the country, where you can go to see and try our best-selling ranges.

      Book a Showroom Visit

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